The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a local landmark and designated Historic-Cultural Monument #572.  It was built in 1927 and noted for hosting the Academy Awards "Guest Dinner".  It has been remodeled and renovated numerous times since then, undergoing a series of "makeovers" reflecting the interior architecture and decor of 1940's, 50's 70's and 80's.   In 2007 hotel management and ownership decided to undertake a serious effort to renovate the interiors and, at the same time, modernize them with new infrastructure.  RPA spent most of the summer of 2007 measuring, drawing, documenting and photographing the existing conditions on the ground floor and mezzanine public spaces.  From there, RPA, BBGM Interiors, HLB Lighting and SWCA (historic preservation consultant) collaborated on the interior renovation of the Meeting Rooms and Blossom Room.  The Meeting Rooms were completed gutted and remodeled to reflect BBGM's elegant new design.  As for the Blossom Room (ballroom), the goal was to bring this room back to it's original glory.  Experts such as KC Restoration were brought in to determine the original paint colors of the ceiling corbel and intricate ceiling grid.  Preservation Arts dismantled, repaired and reassembled the ceiling grid after entirely new lighting and mechanical systems were installed above it.  The design team also worked on new wall and floor finishes and the addition of a new terrace just outside the Blossom Room.

After months of designing, working with city historical agencies and obtaining city approvals, the next monumental task was to execute the design in the limited time of three months.  City Constructors Inc., acting as General Contractor, spent months pre-planning and pre-ordering as many materials as possible.  After much anticipation, construction started the first week of January 2009 and finished exactly three months later.  It was a success on all levels: design well executed, schedule met and the project finished under budget.